Dutch for Expats / Nederlands als tweede taal

Fast-track or a regular course? Conversational skills only?  Or a deeper understanding of the Dutch language? Whatever Dutch language skills you wish to acquire, a personal interview is the basis of any course you follow with me. What are your expectations and what is your end goal? Are you planning to study Dutch for business or social purposes? Based on the interview, a made-to-measure course will be drawn up for you. A course that fits your needs and schedule to the fullest, so that acquiring a new language becomes the easiest way for you to get to feel at home in the Netherlands!

Ofcourse there are also online possibilities!

Binnen verschillende organisaties heb ik me de afgelopen 22 jaar beziggehouden met het Nederlands als tweede taal (NT2). Ik geef zowel Individuele als groepslessen. Na een uitvoerige intake wordt het niveau bepaald en op basis daarvan een traject met u afgesproken. Welke verwachtingen heeft u, welke kennis heeft u nodig? Is het Nederlands voor het werk of voor een prettig sociaal contact in Nederland.  Begin vandaag nog!

Natuurlijk zijn er ook online mogelijkheden.

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I discovered Hanna’s Web site on Google over a year ago and chose her as my Dutch teacher. I came to her with precise needs, and she totally fulfilled her mission, even above my expectations. I was looking for a serious and skilled teacher who could make me speak Dutch, when I was stuck and limited to “Dank u” in my conversations, even if I could read Dutch quite well. And I found that teacher in Hanna. In just ten efficient lessons so far, Hannah was able to open me up totally to Dutch in its spoken form. I could understand what people were talking about, I could talk to people and enjoy it, and they would not switch to English anymore. I really appreciate Hanna’s lessons, they take place in a nice and quiet setting, they are well organized and well prepared, customized to your personal needs and situation, intense and enjoyable at the same time, and their outcome is very convincing.

Emmanuelle Cotté (Frans)